July 21, 2024
Haunted Case Files

Haunted Case Files to premier Sunday, August 28th

Destination America continues to hold their place as the home of paranormal reality television as they premier their new show this Sunday, August 28. Haunted Case Files shows their fans what it is like being a member of one of the small ghost hunting groups that are scattered throughout the nation. The series takes tales of the supernatural and presents them through the eyes of the investigative team working on the case. This allows paranormal fans to view an actual investigation in its purest form.

Haunted Case Files is a spin off from the  popular series,  Paranormal Survivor. Producers of original program stated that as they were working with those whose had been affected by the paranormal, they would meet with the investigators that were assisting them during their ordeal.  They soon realized that those who dedicate their spare time and energies into help further the paranormal field also had a story to tell.

Haunted Case Files
Haunted Case Files takes the viewer along on an actual paranormal investigation.

Each episode features three cases investigated by three different teams of researchers. The incidents are presented through interviews with those involved as well as reenactments and actual recorded evidence captured by the investigators. The show creates a platform where investigators can present their finding and experiences while showing the viewing audience what actually happens in these situations. Since the motivations of those conducting the investigation was not to fill a television show but to experience the paranormal, the final show is more true.

Early reviews have stated that the show presents paranormal investigation in a very real light without all the drama and added sound affects that can sometime fill shows of this genre.   The series is void of all the things that have been previously added to paranormal reality television to add fright value. Evidence is presented in the true form.

It will be nice to have a show that focuses on investigators and their craft.

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