June 12, 2024

Sunday May 15, 2022 is the rare “Super Flower Blood Moon”. With this event approaching quickly, paranormal investigators can’t help but wonder “Can moon phases and eclipses affect paranormal activity?“.

History of Full and Blood Moons

For centuries, the ethereal glow of a full moon hung high in the night sky has inspired wild and unusual tales, folklore and supernatural legends around the world. From the howling transformations of werewolves to bizarre human behaviors, many strange occurrences have been attributed to the lunar cycle.

Many religions have long associated lunar eclipses with bad luck and the end of days. Christianity has equated lunar eclipses with the wrath of God, and often associates them with the crucifixion of Jesus. It is notable that Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring, ensuring that an eclipse can never fall on Easter Sunday, a potential mark of Judgement Day.

Moon and Paranormal Activity

Some paranormal investigators say that the moon and changing seasons will cause an increased frequency in paranormal activity. The theory is that the full moon may also allow spirits to gain more of a presence as they manifest into our physical world. It may also enhance a ghost’s ability to physically manipulate stuff better or be seen better. 

In addition to seeing an uptick in paranormal activity, the lunar cycle may also influence human behavior as well. Almost any emergency responder or emergency room person 911 dispatchers will tell you that the moon has a major impact on the living. All kinds of weird behavior happen during full moons.

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