July 21, 2024
Amy Bruni and Adam Berry

Amy and Adam team up again to bring new paranormal reality show.

American’s favorite paranormal duo, Adam Berry and Amy Bruni, is back in action as production begins on their new program, Kindred Spirits. The show is slated to premier in 2016 and will exclusively be shown on Destination America. Returning to one of the core purposes of paranormal investigating, the two will assist families who are encountering the supernatural within their homes.

Both Amy and Adam made their way into the paranormal spotlight on the SyFy channel’s show Ghost Hunters. After teaming up together on investigations for many seasons, the two became inseparable, both to each other and to their television audience. After departing the show in 2014, the two has worked on various successful projects before making the decision to return to the small screen.

Adam Berry and Amy Bruni
Bruni and Berry set to star in new paranormal reality television show.

Bruni was first introduced to the paranormal during her youth as she grew up in a haunted home. With her forward thinking family, she was taught that the spirit world was not one to be feared but one that the living should strive to understand. After a career in the health insurance industry, Amy followed her dream to make paranormal research a career.  Before making her way to her position on the TAPS team and Ghost Hunters, she made her way throughout the country studying the different dynamics of ghost hunting teams, visiting top haunted locations, and conduction lectures on haunted history. In 2008, she joined Ghost Hunters, where she served as the team’s historical researcher for seven seasons. In 2014, she decided to leave the show to pursue new opportunities such as the opening of her own paranormal travel company, Strange Escapes.

Berry grew up in Muscle Shoals, AL, where he developed a fascination with the paranormal at a young age after having a supernatural encounter that greatly affected the way he viewed life, death, and the afterlife. In 2006, he had yet another experience while visiting Gettysburg, PA that further deepened his interest. In 2007, he started a paranormal research ground in his adopted hometown of Provincetown, MA which focused on helping those with activity within their homes. In 2010, the opportunity to appear on Ghost Hunters Academy presented itself. Adam when on to win the competition and was rewarded with a place on the TAPS team as well as on Ghost Hunters. Adam left the show alongside Amy in 2014 where he focused his energies on running a successful non-profit theatre company, the Peregrine Theatre Ensemble.

While information on the new show is scarce at the moment, the excitement to see these two back at what they do so well is definitely present. Destination America is holding a Supernatural Super Panel at Comic-Con International with Amy and Adam as well as Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman from Paranormal Lockdown as well as the godfather of the paranormal, John Zaffis from Haunted Collector.  The panel is happening on July 22nd and more information is expected after that time.

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5 thoughts on “Amy Bruni and Adam Berry to Return with New Show

  1. Yes I’ll be watching y’all. So glad to have You back on tv. Love Destination america can’t wait

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