July 21, 2024

Ghost Hunters Fan Event by Ghost Hunt Weekends at the Sloss Furnaces.

Ghost Hunters Fans.com obtained exclusive coverage of the Ghost Hunt Weekends’  Sloss Furnaces Ghost Hunters Event in Birmingham, AL on July 27. Here’s what happened.

The setting, Sloss Furnaces, a closed Pig Iron Mill from the 1800’s known famous for it haunts from departed workers being victims of incineration, steam pipe explosions, carbon monoxide poisonings, falling and crush deaths, just to name a few.

Ghost Hunters Fan Event by Ghost Hunt Weekends at the Sloss Furnaces.
Ghost Hunters Fan Event by Ghost Hunt Weekends at the Sloss Furnaces.

GhostHuntersFans.com arrived a day early on friday and headed to the host hotel, where the blogs and message boards have been exploding about a pre-event party in the lobby of the Hilton Garden. When we arrived we were greeted by the hotel staff and when they found out that we were with the event, they let us know about the extras that the hotel had arranged for the event. Specialty Drinks in the bar made just for the event with clever names like “Grave Digger” and “Grateful Dead” were on the list. We checked in our rooms and headed down stairs to the lobby bar and restaurant. The bar was starting to fill up with fans from all over the US excited about the next days event. We introduced ourselves to Chad Morin, Host and President of Ghost Hunt Weekends, as he was delighted to meet us but we were only able to talk to him for a few moments as he was busy greeting fans and doing radio interviews.

People enjoying food and drinks the whole evening, while guests and fans here for the event shared experiences with each other from other Ghost Hunt Weekends events they have been to. Fans also took advantage to get some extra face time with Joe Chin who took photos and told interesting stories about traveling the worlds most haunted locations while filming.

Finally, the event day is here, Saturday morning and we headed to the lobby for breakfast, once again we saw Chad Morin and his Ghost Hunt Weekends Crew having breakfast with Joe Chin as other event goers filled the seats of the restaurant for breakfast.

We had some time to kill before the 4:00pm early entry gate time at Sloss, so we checked out the local sights and made sure we had enough extra batteries for tonights event.

3:30pm we arrive at Sloss, parking was filling up and lines to get were already starting. 4:00 and VIP Club Members get early access. The VIP Club is a membership service that Ghost Hunt Weekends offers for dedicated fans to get more out of the Ghost Hunt Weekends experience, they receive things like early entry, reserved premium seating at events, discounts on tickets and merchandise and much more.

As we received our VIP wristbands we were briefly interviewed by KGRA Paranormal Radio who was broadcasting live from their radio tent, then we headed up the sidewalk to the Casting Shed where the event was going to take place. As we approached we could hear the bumping sounds of concert speakers coming out of the enormous building in front of us. We were stopped by a photographer for a photo opportunity in front of a Ghost Hunt Weekends Cargo Trailer that was wrapped with trendy graphics and the Ghost Hunt Weekends logo along with it’s matching BMW X5 SUV that pulled the trailer. The infamous “Sloss” water tower was in the background of the photo to really make it special.Ghost Hunters pose with fans

As we were welcomed in by Crew Members we were pointed to the VIP Club Lounge that was back stage, as we tried to take in all the enormous size of everything. The VIP Lounge was set up with Bistro tables with candles, as a buffet table was set full of Shrimp Cocktails, Cheese, and other finger foods. Adam Berry, Joe Chin and Chad Morin greeted everyone and took photos, talked and just enjoyed the intimate atmosphere before the main event that started at 6:00.

5:00 – Gates opened for the General Public, and they poured in. Fans filled the area in front of the Main Stage while being entertained by the concert style music that kept everyone high-charged and excited.

Merchandise booths had everything from exclusive designed Sloss Furnace Event Shirts, to Ghost Hunting Equipment to Food and Energy Drinks.

6:00 rolls around and the music fades into what I can only describe as a low rumble that reminds you of a horror movie at the moment that something is about to happen, the rear projection video screen on the stage looped a video of burning and molten metal along with the Ghost Hunt Weekends logo and photos of the furnace from it’s days of operation. Huge LED stage lighting lit up the 8 story blast furnace behind the stage and parts of the shed. Then a brittish voice comes over the microphone introducing the venue and welcoming Chad Morin on the stage. He hits the stage as the fans go wild, ready for the event to officially start. Chad talks about the details of the evening, then with thundering screams and applause, he introduces Adam Berry and Joe Chin to the stage to take questions from the fans.

After the fans get their fill from Adam and Joe, it’s time for everyone to get autographs and photos from the celebrities. A brief break for food, then it was ghost hunting time!

A safety briefing and a quick ghost hunting “how to” was presented by Chad Morin from the main stage then everyone was broken into groups to investigate this sinister location.

We were in Group 3, we followed our Group Leader who were all Ghost Hunt Weekends Crew Members to our first location, the Furnaces. It was outside, but it was VERY creepy. We started our investigation, as we did see a Laser Grid light dim as if something was walking in front of it, as well as hearing walking in the gravel. Strange EMF hits also were noted on several peoples devices.

We moved on to our next location, the Blower Room, we were welcomed by Joe Chin who was there and he told us about the deaths in this room and what was experienced during the last session. We experienced lights in the high cat walks that were over 3 stories above our heads and really strange EVP’s, it was very exciting to see Joe in action.

Our next stop was the Steam Pipe room, this was underground, very dark and very ominous feeling. This is the room where some guys died from exploding steam pipes. Chad was in this room as he led the investigation, he captured some great EVP’s which he played back though and external speaker so everyone could hear and interact, then he let fans finish up with the hunt.

We then headed to the Blast Furnace #10 where some men were incinerated alive inside. We used a ghost box to try to communicate, and we received some interesting responses. The names “David” and “Dave” came through as well as other words and names that were relevant to the location.

Next, we headed to the Tunnels where Adam Berry to ghost hunt with Adam Berry, he told us some great tips and techniques on how to use our equipment and then we had some really strange shadow play at the end of the tunnel as well as disembodied voices were head by all.

Our last stop proved the highlight of the night, the Tracks, as Chad joined us again, he was talking about the strange lights that was seen on Ghost Adventures and just so happened to be the same location that Steve and Tango saw a huge shadow person, no sooner than Chad was talking about seeing the lights at the end of the tracks, we all saw lights in the same direction! He took two people with him told the rest of the group to stay so they could direct us by radio to the direction of the lights, as Chad and the other two made it to the fence where they could go no farther, Chad yelled on the radio to bring the FLIR Camera, and for the rest of us to join them at the end of the tracks. They all witnessed a ball of light bounce up and down the tracks then go into a building, then they all saw a huge shadow man what seemed to glide towards them, it then stopped, got real skinny then vanished before their eyes!

By this time is was 2:45am and the event was coming to a close. Overall, this was one of the most intense and grand paranormal events to date that we have attended. The fans were energetic, Adam and Joe were interactive with everyone, the Ghost Hunt Weekends Crew cared for everyone’s needs  and once again Chad Morin delivered a  provided a professional and safe event at a fantastic location.  We are all excited to see what the next events will have in store.

To find out more about Ghost Hunt Weekends and all their events check out www.GhostHuntWeekends.com

Myra Coleman is a writer for Ghost Hunters Fans.com and is a graduate from Central Florida University, with a degree in both Journalism and Political Science.

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