July 21, 2024

Paranormal Researcher Chad Morin and President of Ghost Hunt Weekends

GhostHuntersFans.com just received a Press Release from the The Brunswick News

Paranormal investigator Chad Morin has had a passion for the supernatural since childhood.

“I remember as a child at my grandmother’s house, I wondered what those strange shadow people and voices were that I heard and saw. From then on, I’ve always been searching,” Morin said.

Morin will leave his home in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., to host a ghost hunt weekend at Jekyll Island Club Hotel from Oct. 25 to 27.

Paranormal Researcher Chad Morin and President of Ghost Hunt Weekends
Paranormal Researcher Chad Morin and President of Ghost Hunt Weekends

The two-day hunt, which includes hotel accommodations and costs $570 for singles and $720 for couples, will include lectures about paranormal investigating and paranormal terminology, as well as a video of people recollecting past experiences on Jekyll before participants set off to capture their own experiences Saturday night while touring rumored haunted spots.

Morin has already made a research trip south to collect some of the stories that circulate about after-life experiences on Jekyll.

“Before my trip to Jekyll Island, virtually no information about its hauntings can be found, except for the same folk stories repeated over and over. After doing some initial investigating, I can definitely say there is more on the island than people let on to be. After interviewing countless locals, workers and guests and then checking out their claims, I experienced and recorded some of what they reported,” he said.

“I’m expecting to dig even deeper when we return to the island.”

Patty Henning, director of sales and marketing at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel, said the hotel, originally built in 1886, is the perfect location for a ghost hunt because of the connection with America’s wealthy elite from the turn of the century, including J.P. Morgan, William Rockefeller, Joseph Pulitzer, the Vanderbilts, Goulds and Astors.

“We’ve had so many people ask about ghosts during their visit with us. The building just looks like a place with a connection to history,” she said.

The hotel began informally tracking reported paranormal experiences on the hotel grounds about 20 years ago and has a short list of places that attract the most attention.

“What’s neat about this ghost hunt is that some of these reported places are areas that normal guests don’t have access to. So they will be going behind-the-scenes like a place near my office, a location in the annex building, the graveyard and also a spot in the clubhouse,” she said.

For those who have never been on a ghost hunt before, Morin said keeping an open mind is key.

“First off, don’t expect things to jump out at you at every corner and to experience activity every five minutes like they do on the TV shows. That’s not quite how it works. Ghost hunting is a lot like fishing – there might be action all night or just a nibble here and there. That’s just the way it goes. You can’t control that end of it,” he said.

He also suggested attendees bring a camera with good megapixel quality and plenty of storage on a memory card to capture any orbs, specters and apparitions.

Morin recalled one of his most memorable moments during one of his ghost hunts, which he holds at a variety of sites across the nation.

“We all witnessed a dancing ball of light that turned into a large shadow person that glided toward us and then slowly faded away. What was most fantastic about it was that every person in the group recalled the exact same thing. No one had a different version of what happened. It was quite exhilarating. I have had other experiences that were a bit scarier, but this particular one was witnessed by all those other people. It just made it that much more believable,” he said.

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The Jekyll Island Club Hotel will bring paranormal investigator Chad Morin for a ghost hunt weekend Oct. 25-27. Cost is $570 for single package, and double occupancy packages cost $720. Accommodations at the hotel and breakfast are included in the price. For more information about the weekend or to purchase tickets, go online to jekyllclub.com or www.ghosthuntweekends.com

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