April 14, 2024

Nick Groff, the co-founder and original member of Ghost Adventures, has recently released a new video in which he opens up about the lies told about him by the show’s host, Zak Bagans. In the video, Groff also discusses the cancellation and alleged sabotage of Dakota Laden’s show, Destination Fear, by Bagans and the production team.

Ghost Adventures premiered in 2008 on the Travel Channel and quickly became a hit with fans of paranormal investigation shows. The show follows Bagans and his team as they visit allegedly haunted locations across the world, using a variety of equipment and techniques to capture evidence of paranormal activity. Groff was one of the original members of the team, but he left the show in 2014 to pursue other projects.

In his new video, Groff discusses the reasons why he left Ghost Adventures and the lies that have been spread about him by Bagans. Groff claims that Bagans has accused him of stealing equipment and falsifying evidence, allegations that Groff vehemently denies. Groff also alleges that Bagans has spread rumors about him to other members of the paranormal community, damaging his reputation and making it difficult for him to find work in the field.

Nick Groff, in back, during Ghost Adventures

Groff’s video has sparked a lot of discussion among fans of Ghost Adventures, with many expressing their support for him and questioning Bagans’ motives. Some fans have even started a petition calling for Bagans to apologize to Groff and for the production team to address the allegations.

In addition to discussing his own experiences with Ghost Adventures, Groff also talks about the cancellation of Destination Fear, a spin-off show that he produced and starred in alongside Dakota Laden. The show premiered on the Travel Channel in 2019 and followed Laden and his team as they visited allegedly haunted locations across the United States.

Nick Groff. Death Walker With Nick Groff. S2. Key art.

According to Groff, Destination Fear was canceled after just two seasons due to Bagans and the production team’s alleged sabotage. Groff claims that the show was originally supposed to be a standalone series, but Bagans and the producers convinced Laden to make it a spin-off of Ghost Adventures. However, once the show started to gain popularity, Bagans and the producers allegedly began to feel threatened by it and started to undermine it in various ways.

Groff claims that Bagans and the producers deliberately gave Destination Fear a bad time slot, failed to promote it properly, and even edited episodes in a way that made it seem less compelling. Groff also alleges that Bagans told Laden not to work with him on the show, even though Groff had helped him get the project off the ground.

The cancellation of Destination Fear has been a source of frustration for fans of the show, who have praised Laden and his team for their innovative approach to paranormal investigation. Many have expressed their disappointment at the alleged sabotage of the show by Bagans and the production team, and have called for a boycott of Ghost Adventures in protest.

Nick Groff’s new video has shed light on some of the darker aspects of the paranormal investigation industry, including the alleged lies, rumors, and sabotage that can occur behind the scenes. While the allegations made by Groff are yet to be fully substantiated, they have sparked an important conversation about the ethics of paranormal investigation shows and the need for transparency and honesty in the industry.

1 thought on “Video of Nick Groff spills secrets about Ghost Adventures

  1. I never have liked ghost adventures I’ve always thought it was faked.. It’s ridiculous. We’ve had a running joke that Zak get Posesesed in every show.. But I did really like Destination Fear. I watched it every week.. They cancelled the wrong show.

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