June 12, 2024

An article posted today may have some insight, here it is below…

Until recently, fans have been under the impression that Grant Wilson, co-founder of TAPS and lead investigator for SyFy’s paranormal reality show Ghost Hunters, had bid the show adieu permanently. According to an interview with Jason Hawes, as reported by SciFi Mafia on Sept 5, this may not be entirely true.

During the interview, Hawes shares:

“ … I still deal with Grant daily on other things and he’s still there. He had to take a leave of absence from the show, but out families are extremely tight and we’re like brothers …”

Hawes goes on to explain that Grant has left TAPS before to pursue other interests in Utah. According to Jason Hawes, Grant was gone for a couple of years.Ghost Hunters

Grant Wilson announced his departure last spring and appeared in his final “Ghost Hunters” episode in May. At the time, there were no hints that Grant had any intention of returning to “Ghost Hunters” in the future.

A notice posted on their TAPS site indicated that Grant was leaving to pursue other interests. In an interview on “Dead Air” in July, Grant Wilson explained that he left “Ghost Hunters” to pursue other interests, like building his new business Rather Dashing Games, and gave no indication that his absence was temporary.

Whether Grant Wilson will someday return to “Ghost Hunters” is unknown at this time, but it appears that Jason Hawes views his departure as temporary

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12 thoughts on “Hints of Ghost Hunters Grant’s Return by Jason Hawes?

  1. I can’t stand Steve Gonsalves. He’s annoying and a wimpy “yes” man to Jason. His usual input to “absolutely” “100%” or repeating exactly what Jason says. What a wimpy. Please please to make him Grant’s replacement. Get someone, anyone else (except Joe Chin who is absolutely clueless) to work side by side with Jason. Am I the only one who feels this way?

  2. i can’t stand steve gonsalves. He’s annoying and a wimpy yes man to Jason. his usual input is “absolutely” “100%” or repeating exactly what Jason says word for word. What a wimp. Please please DON’T make him Jason’s side by side partner as he has been lately. Get anyone else (except Joe Chin who is totally clueless). Am I the only one who sees this or feels this way?

  3. Amy & Adam drives me crazy. They just copy each other . I would like to see kris Williams back . I miss grant it would be great if he comes back. Can’t wait for Amy & Adam last show !!! I think the show will be better with them gone. Another 1 I would like back Is Dustin.

  4. I’m sorry, but I followed this show from the early days, and had great conversations with TAPS members on social media back in the day.
    It sounded to me that Grant was not as legit as what he is portrayed as on screen.
    Also, the producers of the show forced out members who were fan favorites, because they felt they didn’t bring the spooky to the table.
    Paranormal investigation cannot be compromised for ratings, or it makes all investigators look like hucksters, and tricksters.
    Sometimes, real investigations turn up nothing. Throwing voices and tampering with evidence, has made me stop watching for the last 3 years.

  5. Can’t stand Steve Gonzales – he cannot communicate well – horrible the way he talks on the show. Bring Grant back!!!! Even Tango has changed since Steve took Grants place – he is too serious now.

  6. I agree. Steve sucks. He has the personality of a prune. Grant was the best. Show has changed. Not much to see. It gets a little old when Jason says: that was an interesting case – when absolutely nothing happened. Ghost Adventures is much better show.

  7. You all out there need to leave Steve alone he’s a good ghost hunter as well as Jason Amy grant give them all credit for what they do just don’t bad mouth them I would love to join there team ghost hunting if taps comes to Florida id love to go with you

  8. Come back grant your sadly missed! Tired of watching reruns of ghost hunters on DVD when you were with the show need more episodes with you cause you rock!

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