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April 18, 2019 – Red Boiling Springs, TN
The Thomas House Hotel is a quaint 15 room Bed and Breakfast in the secluded mountains about an hour outside of Nashville, Tennessee built back in the 1890s as a Spa Resort known for it’s healing mineral springs and attracted visitors from all over the world.

The 1890s Thomas House Hotel is reported to be haunted by it’s past as a Civil War Camp, Fires, Strange Disappearances, and a one time home for a Cult

Now the Thomas House Hotel doesn’t see the visitors it once did during it’s prime. But there are rumors that the guests of the past are still there walking and haunting the grounds, hallways and outside buildings.

The Church across the street from the Thomas House was last used in the just right before the current owners purchased the property in 1993. It sits abandoned now and is used mostly for storage.

The Church has been resurrected over the last few years, but not as a house of worship, but a location to hunt for ghosts of the past.

Ghost Hunt Weekends, a paranormal event company based in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee goes to the Thomas House monthly to reserve all the rooms at the hotel and offer guests an evening of food, documentary viewings and of course, all-night ghost hunting with their guides.

Chad Morin, Co-Owner of Ghost Hunt Weekends, produced a video documentary that he shows during dinner at the events, and one of the night vision video evidence is of the Church door opening seemingly by ghostly hands.

The wait has paid off last weekend, when a guest of Ghost Hunt Weekends, placed a static night vision security camera trained on the Church door. They unbelievably captured the door opening and closing multiple times, even with the door chained and a chair wedged up against it.

The now unused Church across the street from the Thomas House Hotel was the site of the ghostly doors opening and closing.

“The door opening is an important piece of paranormal footage that was captured years ago, and we have it happen again several times. But this weekend, when we captured the door not only opening again, but it also closed on command and several times.” said Chad Morin when asked about the new footage.

Demonologist and Paranormal Author Kyl Cobb was inside the Church when the event happened and was completely mystified at the occurrence and could not find a reasonable explanation.

“At first I thought it was the wind or something that opened the door, but when I personally wrapped a chain through the door and secured it with a lock and even pushed a chair against it, when I saw the door open again with such force, I was amazed and speechless,” said Kyl Cobb

Other guests that were at the Thomas House during the ghost hunt could not believe their eyes or ears. Guests said that they could hear the chains being pulled through the door and the sounds of shoving on the door, as if something was trying to push its way in the church.

“I knew something was about to happen”, said one guest.

“The Church got eerily cold and a creepy feeling came over everyone in there. The room got darker, then when someone asked if the spirits could open the door, just like that, the door opened.”

Strange dark shadows on the Church when taking photos.

“Usually when something paranormal happens, it’s over with and gone before you can process what happened. In this instance, the doors opened on command, but not only that the doors closed on command almost immediately. As if that is not enough the doors opened and closed again on command, this is very very rare to witness in a haunting.” said Chad Morin

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