June 12, 2024

Rumors that Amy Bruni has been fired from Ghost Hunters have been circulating on the Internet recently. I was tipped off to the rumor that Amy had been fired from “Ghost Hunters” when a fan contacted me via email on April 17 asking me if I could verify the rumor that Amy Bruni was fired.Amy Bruni Ghost Hunters

It appears the rumor originated from a series of joking tweets made by Jason Hawes.  The delay of “Ghost Hunters” midseason premiere, which Amy has promoted as her return to the show after her lengthy maternity leave, probably added more fuel to the fire.

The first tweet, dated April 6 stated:  “Hey Amy @amybruni you’re fired, sorry I meant to say Sushi on tuesday? You in?!?!? “–Jason Hawes

And was followed by a second tweet, in response to someone thanking him for not firing Amy Bruni, that stated:

“What are you talking about? I just fired her.” – Jason Hawes

Tweets from Amy Bruni’s Twitter account indicate that being fired by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson is nothing new. In November of 2011, Amy posted:

I leave for one second and @jchawes and @grantswilson fire me via twitter. I’m pretty sure this is the 783rd time I’ve been fired. 😉

For now, it seems rumors that Amy Bruni has been fired from “Ghost Hunters” stems from some light-hearted joking from Jason Hawes.

Amy Bruni is scheduled to appear in the midseason premiere of Ghost Hunters that is slated for June 12.


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1 thought on “Amy Bruni fired from Ghost Hunters: Rumor unfounded

  1. Fire Steve he sucks dogs balls and is arrogant twat, untalented in every aspect and sashy lashes should be his name as he is a pussy actually that;s a insult I had too stop watching the show I hate him sooo much

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