June 12, 2024

Adam Berry, paranormal investigator on SyFy’s hit paranormal reality show “Ghost Hunters“, announced that he was gay during the Sept. 19 episode of “Ghost Hunters“. Although Adam did share pictures of his marriage to Ben Griessmeyer in August via Twitter; until now, mum had been the word on “Ghost Hunters”.

Adam Berry’s announcement came during an episode entitled the “French Quarter Massacre” where the team investigated the site of what has been tagged as the Jimani Massacre at the Jimani Lounge in Louisiana.Adam Berry of Ghost Hunters

According to the reports, an arsonist set fire to the original building in 1973, killing 32 men who tried desperately to escape through windows without success. Because the establishment was frequented by the gay community, many families were afraid to claim the bodies of those lost in the fire. As a result, many were buried in unmarked graves.

Due to a negative attitude towards the gay community at the time, there was little interest in uncovering the truth and the arsonist was never found.

Reports of apparitions that appear black and charred prompted the current owner to seek help from “Ghost Hunters” to determine whether the souls of these unfortunate men linger at the site.

In an attempt to connect with the deceased, Adam Berry revealed that he, too, was gay and that the spirits had nothing to be afraid or ashamed of.

Although “Ghost Hunters” was unable to verify who or what may haunt the site of the Jimani Massacre, Jason Hawes and the crew felt confident that bringing this tragic story to light may serve to bring peace to any trapped souls that remain.

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