June 12, 2024

There’s hell to pay, and Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman are on a mission to find out why. The intrepid paranormal investigators team up again for an all-new season of Portals to Hell, as they’re led to haunted locales where sinister spirits display a vendetta against anyone in their presence. Season Three, premiering Saturday, April 9 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel and streaming the same day on Discovery+, will feature 13 hour-long episodes.

In the season opener, Osbourne and Weidman travel to New Castle, Pennsylvania, home to Hill View Manor – a shuttered nursing home where former patients are rumored to roam the halls after death. The sprawling complex has almost as many spirits as it does rooms. Constant reports of scratching, chronic dizziness and shadow apparitions have turned the building’s new owner, Carrie, from a paranormal skeptic into a full-blown believer. But to get to the bottom of what’s feeding the Hill View Manor’s dark forces, the duo will first have to face a malevolent shadow creature bent on scaring the living hell out of its victims.

Osbourne and Weidman stop to discuss where they will meet their first witness for Bobby Mackey’s

What Kind of Energy Can We Expect from this Season

Weidman commented in a press release about the season three saying “These places had an intense energy you could feel the minute you walked in. Just being inside some of these buildings elicited an unexplainable physical discomfort. So many of the locations this season are just eerie and unnerving”.

Osborne was also asked about what fans could expect from the new season. “This is a creepy AF new season, twisted and wildly unexpected,” added Osborne. “The locations were bottled up with activity that hit us almost immediately. The vibes were dark and tense, and there were many times when I was seriously scared of what we might encounter”.

The stage inside the infamous nightclub Bobby Mackey’s Music World

Will the Activity Match Past Seasons

The premier of the new season has fans questioning if the paranormal activity that Jack and Katrina experience in these new locations will be able to match the activity of past locations. One such location that will be hard to follow is season one’s episode where the team investigates Bobby Mackey’s.

Wilder, Kentucky – the home of Bobby Mackey’s, a country honky-tonk considered by many to be “The most Haunted Nightclub in America” and the location of an actual portal to hell. The team was able to make contact with several spirits in the bar, experiencing knocks and hearing voices over the spirit box. The investigation heats up in Special guest, psychic Cindy Kaza, joins them in the basement. She performs an automatic writing session. She tells Jack and Katrina that the spirits want them out and that they are in danger. This was one of the more serious episodes not only because of the buildings reputation but also the amount of energy and activity the team experienced.

Will the activity be able to match what the team experienced at the infamous Bobby Mackey’s Music World? Be sure to watch the premiere episode on Saturday, April 9 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on the Travel Channel.

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