July 21, 2024

The Haunted Old South Pittsburg Hospital just outside of Chattanooga TN

The Old South Pittsburg Hospital in Tennessee went up for IRS Auction yesterday and ended in about 30 seconds with no bids or takers.

The hospital will now go through the prosess again, but no date was announced by IRS Agents on the scene.

Stacey Hayes, (or Stacey Sivley as she has now changed her name on Facebook) was forcefully ordered to surrender any keys to the building by the Police that was on scene.

Stacey Hayes/Sivley has also changed her status as Owner of OSPH to “Manager of Ghost City Tours”

“Why is this crazy lady who has ZERO business sense, and who so blatently scammed money and deposits from people even at the auction?”, said Ernst Rudel a Private Investigator out of Georgia working on building a case for claiments. “And now she has her claws in Ghost City Tours? What a way for a company to ruin their reputation by associating with this woman.”

The drama did not stop there, an unidentified man pulled up in a vehicle, and right in front of police, starting removing items from the hospital. When confronted by police, he developed an attitude and insisted that he can take the items, that “Stacey told me I can.”

He was quickly arrested and removed from the property. See exclusive video.




Richard Klement is a reporter for GhostHuntersFans.com and Haunted Times Magazine.

6 thoughts on “Old South Pittsburg Hospital Drama Continues [Update]

  1. They should have arrested Stacy Hayes. She has stolen money from people and still gets away with it? WWRROONNGG!!!

  2. I would like to talk to that private investigator… I too am out of some money to Stacy Hayes..

  3. yall are dumb as fuck if you have never been in osph at night you shouldnt speak on it i have everything that is said about that building being haunghted is true.

  4. Does anyone know what happened at the August 21 (2nd auction)? I’m just very curious to know what the outcome of this will be. I wish I had the money, I’d buy it. I would take care of properly, and run it like a BUSINESS that it is. They didn’t even have an EIN number. Come on, seriously?! It’s a real shame. The potential this place has as a thriving business is high. I wish the Mattingleys would buy it, and show the Hayes family how it’s done. ????

  5. What a shame. I have investigated that building many times and caught awesome evidence of paranormal activity. I’d love to buy it and run it properly. I’d even live in there like Cindy did back before Stacey ran things. They made a killing there! 😉 People will pay to experience a real haunt. I do it every chance I get. Waverly Hills in Ky., Old Taylor Memorial in Ga., South Florida State Hospital… Hospitals, jails, and prisons are always good hunts. Just sayin’.
    For the record, I remember Cindy stole a lot of people’s money but I never knew Stacey to do that. Neither ever stole from me or my team but it’s sad to see OSPH lost over mismanagement and theft allegations.

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