June 12, 2024

host Hunters returns to A & E on Wednesday, April 8. In the Season 2 opener, the crew explores Clifton, Arizona which is besieged by paranormal activity. Can they help this cursed town?

The Ghost Hunters team of Grant Wilson, Kristen Lumen, Daryl Marston, Brandon Alvis, Brian Murray, Mustafa Gatollari and Richel Statton returns for Season 2 on A & E on April 8. In the opening two-part episode, the crew finds themselves in a land that time forgot.

Clifton, Arizona was founded in 1873 and is nestled between mountains and the San Francisco River. A picturesque mining town, it is exactly how one would envision an old west settlement with a main street full of local businesses.

Of course, the area is rich in history. For the citizens of this burg though, life is somewhat unsettling because the entire place is haunted.

Some residents might even say it is cursed. With so much paranormal activity occurring on a daily basis, Akos Kovach, Clifton’s economic developer contacted the Ghost Hunters for assistance.

Here are a few heart pounding moments from the season opener:

Boarding House: Unexplainable Phenomenon

Two significant events occurred as a result of Brandon and Brian’s session in the Boarding House. An EVP capture and an indeterminate light source was caught on camera.

Grant joined them for their second go around inside the building. The trio heard footsteps and they communicated directly with a spirit who reveals an important bit of information about who is haunting the structure.

Elks Lodge: Activity Central

When Daryl and Mustafa investigated the Elks Lodge, they heard walking and movement all around them. They decided to set up a laser grid to capture whatever is stalking them. After they did that, an inexplicable light source appeared.

On the second day of investigations, Richel and Kristen heard a disembodied voice who answered their question about what being supposedly haunts the premises.

Clifton Hotel: Danger Lurking in the Shadows

While Mustafa and Daryl are utilizing the data logger during an EVP session in the Clifton Hotel, the pressure reading spikes when they ask the question, should the owners be afraid for their lives? However, all hell breaks loose while Richel and Kristen are conducting their investigation. An accident occurs that could put an end to the entire ghost hunting operation in the Arizona town.

The Verdict

Ghost Hunters starts their season off with an intense investigation that provides some heart stopping moments. There was a point where we were extremely worried for the safety of the group.

Is the episode worth watching? Yes, definitely! Does Clifton turn out to be cursed?

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