July 21, 2024

Grant Wilson from 'Ghost Hunters'

GhostHuntersFans.com has has learned from a blog post from Grant Wilsons personal website on why he left the hit TV Show ‘Ghost Hunters’, here it is in his own words:Ghost Hunters

All of the above!

JUST KIDDING!  My, how the rumors fly. Everyone insists that something devastating had to happen to kick me off of TV and back into the doldrums of normal everyday life.  Everyone aspires to be on TV right?

Well, it is far less complicated and dreadful as all that. I have no regrets and I loved doing it. It was just time to move on.

We were filming for nearly every week of the year, Monday-Friday, sometimes more.  I felt that after eight years, I had sufficiently reached my goals in spreading awareness and acceptance of the paranormal. Those eight years on the road were kicking my butt and I was ready to be back with my family and pursue other aspects of my life.

That’s it. Simple, right?

The rumor mill is quite the efficient machine.

Here are some other reasons:
1. Life in a Box – You spend most of your life in a box; house to car to airport to plane to car to hotel, always in a box.  I am an outdoor guy.  My idea of a temple is being on top of a mountain. I remember on one occasion I arrived at my hotel by night and went right to bed. When I awoke, I ripped open the curtains to see the view I had.  The only non-man-made thing I could see was the sky. Ugh… Give me the woods, please.

2. Sleep? What’s Sleep? – When you are on the road you are at the mercy of airline flight schedules. When you are a paranormal investigator you go to bed at ungodly hours. The combination is devastating. One night you go to bed at 6:00am. Then, you wake up at 2pm looking for breakfast. Then you have to go to bed that night at 9pm to catch a flight at 7am. Ouch.  Eight years of that, and you just give up on sleep. Giving up on sleep isn’t good for your health.

3. Fine Dining – Eating out is fun and a treat for most people.  When you have to eat out for every meal is destroys your health. No matter how healthy you try to eat, you always feel like crap.

4. Halloween – My kids are growing up really really quickly, (if you are a parent you know exactly what I mean.) While filming the Live Halloween Show was always a challenge and lots of fun, I want to spend Halloween with my kids.

5. Super Dad/Husband – It was really hard to come home from a whacky week of sleep schedules, bad meals, and boxes and snap into a normal-life routine. It was not easy to get all of my face-time in with the kids and my lovely and ever-patient wife within two days. Not to mention missed concerts, sporting events, art shows, date nights.  Bleh…

So, at the risk of sounding like a whiner, that is just a quick glance into some of the reasons it was tough and why I made the decision to move on. With each year, the effect of the above situations magnified. I wish the show the best and hope it is successful for many years to come.

As for me, I will be wearing the biggest smile on my face as I dive head-first into art, music and writing.

Thanks for sticking by me through this.

(Oh, by the way, I haven’t been wearing my wedding ring because my wife surprised me with a beautifully custom made ring that I love, but my finger has a reaction to it. We are trying to figure out a solution.)”


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Matthew Phillips is a reporter from Michigan who has been interested in the paranormal since he was 3 years old. He has covered Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Activity  for Haunting News Magazine.

65 thoughts on “Grant Wilson On Why He Left Ghost Hunters

  1. My wife and I sure miss you. The show just is not the same. Don’t get me wrong it is still the best show on t.v it’s just that you and Jason made a great pair. We wish you the best on what ever you do and God bless to you and your family!! Maybe you can do a guest spot.

    1. Hey man family comes first and you think you were ignoring your family then you need to be with your family I would have done the same thing now my husband would have done just the opposite he would have stayed with it no matter how long and I probably would have been right there along with you 50 some of the things we seen we used to be reenactors Civil War reenactors and then we went to some spot for have been very haunted and I can tell you one right now and that’s Gettysburg and also there’s a place in Missouri right now I can’t think of the name of it but it is haunted big time you can’t go camping at Gettysburg and unless you want to be wake up the ghost of there I’ve been to Gettysburg and I seen after Russian of soldiers I’ve seen a position of the wounded and dead soldiers it is a hundred very hard but you gotta know how to look for hanging out to know how to talk form that’s reason sorry to say most of you guys didn’t see anything the way to call one if you want to see.ghost the way to call them and you only have to do it once and they will come to you is in the name of Jesus Christ I demand you appear before me they will do it they have to do it they have no choice but that the man has got to be forceful thank you were great on ghost hunters

    2. Grant Wilson with me(WENDY SELLS) I have been watching Ghost Hunters for a long time and since it went of Television I have been saying to my self that I wish that Ghost Hunters would come back on Television again Grant Wilson and as well I sure will miss you on Ghost Hunters Grant Wilson and have a great time. ok. from Wendy Sells

  2. I totally get it Grant! But like everyone has been saying, it’s just not the same. And like Barry, I still love the show and always will. I also I not realize how hard it really was to do the show and all the constant travel. Best wishes to you and your family. The guest spot thing would be awesome!

  3. Grant, as a ex-performer (many, many years ago that is) I do so understand! It is fun but gets old pretty quickly. And family life, what is that? But you and Jason were the show! Enjoy your life and family. The rest of us will get over it!

  4. Grant , more power to you brother! I totally understand, I am an aircraft mechanic and almost two years on the road for my company, away from my family three daughters and a wife. The money was great but, it does not compare to all the things that you miss while your away. God Bless you and your family. Hope to see on an anniversery show sometime in the future! Take care.

  5. You have made the right move. Your kids are only kids once & trust me they grow up real fast. You can step back into a paranormal career when they grow up, maybe they’ll even join you!

  6. HI ADMINS how can one contact this site ,i have an enquiry/important info for you guys about Ghost hunters that you have missed. Please provide an email address as the one provided on the forum does not work!


  7. We miss watching more more, and it’s just not the same Ghost Hunters without you…. You were my favorite and goodlooking also… I’m not saying Jason isn’t goodlooking… It’s you whom I lookfoward to on Ghost Hunter’s,just you… Grant Wilson, just you…….

  8. Taps~ghost hunters is a great show but still miss seeing you on there..but I understand why you left now..good luck on finding ur self..ur family is lucky..thank you for years of educating and entertaining me on the super natural..hope you have a good life

  9. Indeed though being out coulda gone with switching with G.H.I,Ghost Hunters International it’s still not home or family and indeed you’re children are young and need you wish you luck fatherhood won’t be easy.

  10. To be quite honest , Ghost Hunters sucked the only person i enjoyed in the show who acted like a real person was Grant Wilson . The best to you Grant and continue your search of the paranormal on your own terms ..

  11. Love ya Grant and miss you on the show a lot. Fully get why you left and would have done the same myself. However, in saying that, I also very much agree w the others. Thè show is NOT as good w/o you and never will be. Jason tries but nope, doesn’t work. I wish you and your sweet family all the best life has to offer, you deserve it. The decision was yours and it was for the best. You rock!!

  12. Very sorry to see you go. You, Jason, and Steve are a winning combination! I think everyone can understand that a man has to take care of his family first, though, and there’s only love from us fans. Take care and thanks for a great eight years!
    PS…think about the guest appearance suggestion though…

  13. Well the eight years you were on the show kept integrity in it. Your sincere love for the work you did(do) showed in the way you handle your fellow Ghost Hunters and in keeping the public trust by not faking anything that happened. The show is still the best show on TV but we are all hoping you at least make guest appearances. I have always been interested in the paranormal As a child I had seen many apparitions and have had physical contact. hat is something you can never get used to.
    All that said it is great hearing you are doing well and so is your family. That always has to be number one.

  14. You did add a genuine integrity and human aspect to the show. You and Dave were/are my favorite investigators, although Donna, Chris, Amy and all the other girls were easier on the eyes. Fair winds and following seas.

  15. Glad to hear nothing tragic cause your leaving GH. it’s not nearly as cool of a show with out the team up of Jason and you. I don’t mind all the others, but they do not seem as genuine and “normal” lol just not as relateable I guess… I wish Amy and Adam would stay quite for a few seconds though whenever they hear or see something They start blabbing so they/we can’t hear or see anything else! I did notice on the 200th episode that while you were with Amy and Adam you kept shushing them lol Anyway, they need to learn how it’s done! The show just is kinda lame without Grant/Jason

    Best of luck… Uh… Live long and prosper

  16. You will truly be missed you all were my favorite people, I love watching the show, I have two boys and know how it is missing out on a lot with them, they grow up fast we need to take every moment and memory and cherish them. Glad you made a good decision, sure hope you Air as a guest.

  17. U r missed, at least I miss seeing u on the show. U were the calm n Jason was the storm, hoping all is good with u n urs.

  18. Hi grant sure do miss you on ghost hunters can you at least try to make a few guest appearance once in awhile like they go to waverly hospital.

  19. I loved you on the show still watch it now I wish you the best of luck. Unfortunately my house is haunted and I wish you and all the ghost hunters would look at some pictures I have and see what kind of ghost I have i really need some help on this thanks for reading and hope I hear from someone soon

  20. I am glad that Ghost is still c oming on but will always miss Grant. He along with Jason r great. Fantastic

  21. A fan since day 1 waaaaay back when it was just online lol you & Jason were a great combo Please thank your family for sharing you with us We will always be here if you get bored
    The constant watcher

  22. I would love to c u come back from time to time i miss u on the show i love the show even now but i understand what your saying and wish u all the luck in the world! !

  23. yes me old friend and yes the gear works great too.
    yes 8 years has been a long time and very hard working business to I didn’t see chrissie only amy Bruni but I did notice you had left and for the right move. so now matey back to the mountains and with your family too miss ya mate, and is that why Jason lost some weight Smiles Alan G

    show. Best to you and your family but are you ever coming back?

  25. Hollo Grant I would like to say thank you and the team for all your work and such good programe . Do you think there are any charnel of you. All getting back again as l and I’m shore there a lot more fans out there mlss host hunters good luck to all of you from Frank

  26. Grant, I still love the show and it still my all-time favorite, I even scheduled my days off at work around it (lol), but it hasn’t been the same without you. It would be wonderful to at least see you make some guest appearances. You, Jason, Steve and tango were such a great foursome, and I loved it when Kris and Amy were your female team. I’ll always be faithful to the show, but would love to see you do some guest Appearances

  27. ive always enjoyed the GH shows from the start…amazing how things changed over the years, and watching you and jay work closely all these years proved an amazing team. I’m sorry to see you leave the show but understand the way a career can affect a persons life…on or off camera, family and personal care comes first. wonderful to see you on the 200th episode with everyone again. Here’s to an exciting show with a great cast and hoping you’ll be able to make more guest appearances down the road!

  28. Take it easy the ghosted…………………………………………………………………….?.

  29. Hi Grant,
    This is a fan from Michigan.I have been a fan of the show pretty much since it started. I was sure sorry to see you go. I you were always the person that kept the show interesting the most. When you, Jason, Donna, Chris, Steve and good old Brian were the team. Actually that is when it was the most exciting. I don’t even see it on any more. It just wasn’t the same. I kinda lost interest after awhile. The show that freaked me out was when you and Jason were investigating a home and Jay was on the ladder to the attic and the bathroom sink came on. Know that was an attention getter. I do believe you felt the same. Hope all is well with you. Thank You for all the enjoyment you and the team brought to my Wednesday nights.

  30. I wondered what happened to you, Amy, Adam, Kris, Brian…and after reading your explanation here, I understand. In the show, you and Jason were highlighted as close and work related friends and I hope your friendship remains solid and true.

    Recently, 2016, it was nice to have seen you, Amy and Adam as guests stars on “Paranormal Lockdown” starring: Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman (both former stars in another paranormal show).

    I wish you and “all” good health and happiness.

  31. I miss you as everyone but it would be nice that you come back and visit. The show that I watch faithfully isn’t like it used to be. But I believe there will always be ghost to be checked out. Good decision to step away for your family.
    Best wishes to sll

  32. I understand you leaving, I just want to say that hunters is and always will be the best!! Everybody is down to earth and real..so thank all of you for doing what you do beat!! I’m 54 and disabled, I’m a Wiccan and do snugging and cards, on the top of my bucket list is to do what you do once!! So bless you and blessed be??

  33. Well hey guys well I love the but we have a tv by we can not have cable it is to much.so we just use our phone now to save some money and you watch on cell phone I miss r

  34. I have to agree with most everyone Grant. The show just is not the same without you.But I honestly and truly understand where you are coming from. Family is, and should always be, number one.

  35. I havent seen the show in a whike. For personal reasons. I was able to to start watching again. Man i missed a lot. The only ones i recognize is Tango, steve, and jason. Still good show all the same.

  36. I agree with most of the above…GH was just not the same without you there. For me, other than to educate others on the paranormal and those of us who experienced activity were not freaks. I watched from the beginning, Jason and you as neighbors ad friends that formed the show as such…the 2 of you investigating together could not be duplicated with Jason & Steve as Steve and Tango together couldn’t. My friends and I, in our 50’s even thought as long as the conversation ending with a pound wasn’t used. But fans that we are, we were sooiled. You made the right decision, no doubt and you are respected for that. I once frustrated you on FB and you answered me very empatheticly and I am very sorry for that, didn’t mean to offend! We were and are fans, as were my friends when I had a post from you! =)
    May all your days be good ones,bleasings to you and your family!

  37. You were just terrific on the show but home life is very important so I understand your reasons for leaving and GOOD FOR YOU! Enough is enough. The show is gone now and we’re all hoping it will resurface on some other channel at some point.
    Please take care of yourself and best of luck to you, your wife and kids! 🙂

  38. Grant, try painting your new ring with clear nail polish on the inside. I had to do that with a watch I had a reaction to. Works great! But it has to be repainted every couple months.
    I just saw you on Paranormal Lockdown so I decided to Google you and read your reasons for leaving TAPS. You did make the right decisions for yourself and family, even though we the audience missed you. Obviously you seem to be doing well. God Bless you and your family!


  40. Hello Grant, I always wondered why you left Ghost Hunters. Now I know and understand. I’ve also listened to some of your music after you left the show. You have a magnificent talent and you should definitely pursue that. Best of luck and love to you my friend. I will be forever grateful that I got to “Know” you through your personality on Ghost Hunters and relate to your music.

    God Bless, Marlana

  41. Recently I meant Tango and Steve they seem to be wonderful guy I just wish I could have met all of you guys I’ve been watching you since you came out and hopefully you guys will bring more episodes. We miss you

  42. Grant I met you at. Penn StTe Convention I thought that you were one of the nicest guys. My cousin and I were going to take. Picture with you and Grant and I would not stand next to Jason it was like you knew I did not like him. D you said come on stand next to me. I did not like Jason at all I thought he was a aragant person but you were always so down to earth. I wish the best for you and your family. Sorry I feel this way about Jason.

  43. I definitely know what you mean I have 3 Amazing kid’s of My Own & It Is Hard Seeing them growing up so fast Like Lightning My Babies Are 15 & 11 going to be 12 In March N 7 Yrs 2 Boy’s N 1 Girl I Loved Them so much & It was hard for me working all the time & Not Spending time with them Or Doing thing’s with Like Halloween & Easter N Even The 4th Of July I Also Had to work on 5 De Mayo The 5th Of May I Surely Do Miss Seeing you on the show, I haven’t seen any new episodes of Ghost Hunter’s I’ve been watching for about 11 yrs I stopped Watching In 2006 Cause It didn’t aire Anymore! P.S. I Hope All Is Well With you & You’re Wife N You’re Kid’s!! Happy Late Valentine’s Day To Ya’ll… ????????????

  44. Always enjoyed watching Ghost Hunters. The first three season were great! I never cared much for the live halloween specials. After Grant left the show I stopped watching it. Also, I like it when Brian Harnois and Donna were on. I will never for get that one episode where Brian got scared and said. Dude, run! One night I was listening to the radio. I can’t remember the name of the program. I think it was Ground Zero. Grant was on as special guest talking about Ghost Hunters. Grant had said it had taken them two weeks just to make one episode.

  45. Gosh,I think I’m late to say a well meant goodbye. Just want to add my well wishes for you and family. tHank You much for the education,compassion, and well placed humor. Most deFinitely taking the Hollywood factor out of the unknown. I’ve enjoyed all journeys with you and all the explorers. Thank You Grant.

  46. I’m sure the new program will be a hit. But I’m certainly going to miss you and Jason investigating together.
    I will be watching the new Ghost Hunters as soon as it hits the airwaves! Good Luck!

    Mel Webster

  47. Grant: That’s a short break. I see you’re on another show. I guess art and writing weren’t all they were cracked up to be.

  48. Dear Grant, I really loved your part in the show. Then when you started a new show, I watched everything I could. Then it disappeared. I wish you could do the show again, but if you can’t, and you only want art, music and writing, that’s so wonderful. I knew you were a wonderful renaissance man! Jason is so different from you. How did you ever become friends? You were always my favorite. Why did you start the new show and end it so quickly?
    Did you say to yourself: Oh, yeah, this is why I hated Ghost Hunters?? I don’t blame you. I think you’re very sexy. And I’m 76! God bless you and keep you.

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