June 12, 2024

Ghost Hunters told a man discovered that his dad, who had been missing for 57 years, was buried under his basement with the help from psychics.

Mike Carroll, 57, hired ghost hunters to help him solve the mystery of his dad’s whereabouts after he went to buy a pack of cigarettes in 1961 and never came back.

Mike Carroll pictured with his sons, Michael Jr (right) and Christopher (left)

After years of wondering where the missing army vet was, Mike finally found that his dad, George Carroll, had been just feet away from him the whole time.

The mystics said that they felt an “energy” that was coming from the basement of the home in Long Island, U.S.

To add to the spook factor, Mike and his sons decided to start digging to find the remains of George on Halloween – and they were not disappointed.

The body of George Carroll was discovered under a basement at Mike’s Long Island property

The skeleton of Mike’s dad was found intact but with a huge hole in the skull, which according to the autopsy was “blunt force trauma” – which was something that Mike had already been told by the psychic.

He told the New York Post: “I was told by the psychic that the cause of his death was ‘blunt force trauma’. She had actually said to me that it was a pope, that he got his in the head by a pipe and was buried alive.”

George’s body was discovered under concrete that is believed to have had been poured over him.

“How does something like this happen? How do you dispose of someone and bury them in the basement and pour concrete over them and nobody knows about it?” his brother Steven Carroll, 61, said.

Despite having found the body of the Korean War veteran, local police say it is unlikely that they will know who killed George and buried his body.

Dorothy, George’s wife, said that he had gone to get cigarettes and never came back

Mike’s mum, Dorothy, was said to have given minimal information about her husband’s disappearance and that the family never filed a missing person report and moved on with their lives.

Dorothy can’t be called in for questioning on the reappearance of George as she died in 1998.

Mike bought the Suffolk County home before his mom died and

Another person who could have shed light on the case is Richard Darress, Dorothy’s second husband, who moved in shortly after George died.


Richard Darress, Dorothy’s second husband, died in June this year

George would have been in his twenties when he died.

But according to local media, he moved to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico and passed away in June this year.

Dorothy and Richard divorced in 1983 after she thought he was cheating on her but didn’t throw him out of the house for another four years.

Mike, who was just eight months old when his dad vanished, told Newsday: “I’m happy to learn that that is my dad. This is a deep and very emotional thing and everybody is dealing with this in different ways. This has broken up my family.”



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