May 20, 2024 has learned that Ghost Hunters will be returning for their 2013 Fall Season on October 9, 2013 on Syfy Channel. Just in time for Halloween with some of the best, scariest and intense moments caught on camera!

Here is some video from one of the upcoming episodes featuring Adam Berry, Dave Tango and Steve Gonsalves, as they all see what appears to be a shadow person? walking through a room as they are in another room talking.

Fans can get more information from the Official Syfy Channel’s Website for Ghost Hunters, but details are scarce and cryptic.Ghost Hunters

“It seems they (syfy) are really trying to build up on the Halloween season this year” says Phillip Markman a Ghost Hunters fan who was interviewed at a Ghost Hunters Fan Event. “…it makes me crazy not knowing what will be coming up, I keep checking tweets and Facebook posts, just teaser pics and hints of what’s coming up, I can’t wait for the new episodes!” Markman added.

From the photos, videos and social posts, it looks like Ghost Hunters will be at historic buildings in New York and in locations in the South. Everyone will just have to wait and see what’s in store for eager fans who are counting down the days.

Natalie Briley is a contributor for and several paranormal magazines and websites. She has a BS Degree in Journalism from the University of Central Florida and has written several books and papers on Parapsychology and Paranormal Research. 


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